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Excerpt from the article by Ron Powers, a free lance writer for On The Water Magazine (September 26th, 2002 Online Issue)

"Not to be ignored by all the press about other species, Massachusetts State Fish-the cod-are making an uncharacteristically early entry into inshore haunts.

Rick Newcomb of Fore River Bait and Tackle put the tape test to three cod that measured out at 34, 39 and 42 inches that were hauled in by Adam Laomba of Weymouth. Adam slayed these potbellied brown bombers out by the B-Bouy. Rick recommends a tandem approach for fishing these cod.

Toss a sea clam over the side with one rod and with the other use a jig. Not any ol' jig will do, the cod have been smashing a killer jig made by Sea Wolfe known as The Cod Bomb. What differentiates this jig from others in its ilk is its teardrop shape, that helps it drop like a bullet and allows it to get down to where the action is quickly. This jig has a powder paint job, which  is both rugged and realistic and the business end of the lure features a glowing phosphorous colored tail that the cod can't resist."

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