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Hey, don't just take our word for it; see what others have to say about our products! Read a few letters of thanks and browse through a collection of photographs that people have sent us over the years. None of these people were paid for their endorsement of our products; they were just happy to let us in on their experience with Sea Wolfe Tackle!

Our latest unsolicited customer testimonial

Hi Guys,

I ordered some tackle from you a few weeks ago and had the chance to use it this past Saturday. We went out of Rye Harbor to Jeffries, about 32mi out. We caught about 20 haddock, a cusk, and a few dogfish (only 2, thank god) in about 2 1/2 hours before the weather turned nasty and we needed to head back in.

Most of the Haddock were about 21", caught a few over 23" that we kept, but we were in 180' of water since the tide was really bad when we tried to fish in 210'. The  haddock rigs were great in that we really did catch mostly haddock, which I much prefer catching and eating vs. cod. We used them with clams as bait. I also tried jigging for a bit, but didn't get any hits on the jig. Anyway, I will be ordering some more stuff from you today or tomorrow. Here's a picture of 2 of the Haddocks caught on your rigs.


Deep Sea Fishing Tackle
Deep Sea Fishing Tackle

Hello Sea Wolfe:

The reason I am writing is because, over the past nine weeks, I have been beaten in 5 out of 6 tournaments by one of your Pro Staff Members. I have been fishing tournaments for another Tackle company for almost 11 years now and have always finished in the top ten. In San Diego a month ago, my team was crushed by The Team, The Oregon Angler Magazine/ Sea Wolfe Tackle for tuna. Then salmon in San Fransisco, CA, halibut and stripers in Berkley, CA, King Salmon in Brookings, OR, and Makinaw in Lake Tahoe, CA.

There is another tournament this Saturday in Gold Beach for saltwater kings, and I see that Dave Pitts and your company are once again signed up. I just want to let you know that Dave gave me a few rigs you call stingers and some of the spoons with eels; he smiled and said he was tired of hearing me whine! He also said that if you want to be on top, you have to fish with top tackle.

Sea Wolfe, this guy and his other team member is tearing it up out here. He has a good attitude also. In fact, I approached him about joining our team; he turned me down and said that your company has stuck by him from the start. Good man!

But when you speak to Dave, tell him his streak is over.

Take care and good luck!

Good Fishing
Chuck Herzog

Thank you Ron Powers and the staff of...

This is Ron Powers pictured in an article in the April, 17 2003 of the New England Fisherman magazine. He is shown here with a 20 lb. cod that he caught using the SeaWolfe Cod Bomb!

Good luck out there...

Deep Sea Fishing Tackle On the Water Magazine
Deep Sea Fishing Tackle

Enclosed are photos of my son with various fluke he caught throughout this past summer. All of the fluke were caught in the Delaware Bay while drifting Sea Wolfe Spin-N-Glo® rigs baited with squid. I felt, at times, our boat was a test vessel for Spin-N-Glo® and B-2 squid combinations, as my son tried several variations each trip. His persistence certainly paid off. His most productive color for quantity and size of catch was a chartreuse Spin-N-Glo®, B-2 combination. This may be due to the general cloudy conditions of the Delaware Bay. Some other advantages we realized from the Spin-N-Glo® rigs are:

Less resistance than traditional Fluke rigs while drifting. This allows more sensitivity to fluke bites. 
Very few lost fish; these hooks really set. 
Minnows were not a necessity; squid strips were all that was needed. 
Size of fish were larger. 
As the enclosed photos show, my son has developed into a fine fluke fisherman to go along with his seatrout skills. Thanks, Sea Wolfe, for providing quality lures.

Randy Frech

P.S. - We also had an outstanding seatrout season on Spin-N-Glo®.

Deep Sea Fishing Tackle

1 lb. 4 oz.

Deep Sea Fishing Tackle

3 lb. 14 oz.

Deep Sea Fishing Tackle

2 lb. 12 oz.

Deep Sea Fishing Tackle

5 lb. 2 oz. & 4 lb. 15 oz.
caught on consecutive drops

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